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Sumyeti is a bunch of dudes who grew up in Scituate, Massachusetts and one dude from France. We used to play out at bars once a year, but that's no more. Now we record from home in Colorado, Maine, MA, France (province unknown), and wherever else our rich and good-looking guest musicians tend to be. We're super stoked to be recording again and looking forward to releasing new music sometime by 2028. Inspired by your favorite music acts (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Guns N' Roses, Richard "Dick" Dale and Brazilian Bossa Nova sweetheart Antonio Carlos Jobim) you just never know what we're going to do next. Stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter. We do bi-yearly updates and send free demos recorded in the Voice Memos app in our iPhones. 

Good Hootin'!

Recent Acclamations: 
"I work out to Sumyeti. It gets me ripped. I love them." -Poopez, 30. MA

"I've been waiting almost half a decade since their last amazing release. Why won't these guys just do their job? What's it gonna take? I have a lot of Irish friends in Boston I'm thinking about calling up to put the squeeze on these jokers." -Boston Dave, 31. IL

"Hey guys, I think you put up a different drummer's pic by accident, that's not me. I'm getting a lot of weird press back home in (French Province) hassling me about "my new look". Can you please change it when you get a chance?" -Ben Storme, 34-35. FR

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